Common Mistakes in Speaking

Help with spoken English accuracy: Avoid the Mistakes 85% of English learners make

Are you worried about your speaking mistakes in English?
Worry no more!

I have created this class to help you avoid the most common grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation mistakes in your everyday communication in English.

This class is great for you if:
- You have been learning English for a while but still struggle with speaking;
- You need to speak good English for work or studies;
- You are not sure if you speak English correctly and want to improve the accuracy of your speaking.

I will show you examples of mistakes people make, explain what they do wrong and help you improve your speaking, grammar, and vocabulary.

    Set expressions for conversations

    Verb tenses, prepositions and other tricky grammar

    The most mispronounced words

    Confusing words 

    Lessons of the Course

    Course Pricing